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Full Version: Footer Styling Options
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The VORTEX footer allows you to use either CSS gradient styling or graphic image backgrounds.

1) CSS gradient styling. You can play around with the point & click color editor to get varying (unlimited) effects in color styling for the footer background. You can also have a single solid color by using the same hex colors for both top and bottom gradient.
2) Choose whether or not to display a footer separator horizontal line and also choose it's color.

3) Graphic image background. There are 24 standard pre-loaded footer backgrounds (which you may swap out or add to by going into the images folder for the footer (using FTP or cPanel)) or you can upload a new footer background image on-the-fly using the inbuilt file uploader.
You can also choose as to whether you want to display a footer separator horizontal line or not.

4) Footer phone image background. These work in similar fashion to "3)" above and they provide a graphic background for the footer phone number. You can also choose to not display a phone image background and just display the phone number (or text). Alternatively you can use this function to display a logo (if so doing you need to make sure that there is no text added into the "phone number" field or it will overlay onto your logo.

5) Making phone number clickable. For mobile browsers it is good to make phone numbers clickable so that when the phone number is tapped on it activates the call pad so you can call the number from within the mobile phone.
For example,- if we were using a phone number of say 1-800-555-1234
then to make it clickable you would wrap some html code around it that will activate the dialer pad in a mobile phone as well as give a hover title if chosen.
See the relevant code below and copy and paste it into your own field boxes or sections where relevant on your site.
<a title="Tap-To-Call" href="tel:1800-555-1234">1800-555-1234</a>
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