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Creating An XML Site Map
08-11-2014, 12:09 AM
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Creating An XML Site Map
Why create and XML site map if you already have an html site map?

From a search engine point of view, you really need to have an XML site map for the best result in getting the search engines to index your site.

The search engines will also find any html site map page that you have but html site maps are mainly for the benefit of site vistors to find and use. You can make them look nicer too.

Now, having established that, here's how to have an XML site map on your site:

All you need to do is to install a plugin such as Yoast WP SEO (highly recommended overall SEO plugin) and use the XML site map feature,.. or you can use some other XML site map generator plugin.

Once installed, just make sure you adjust the settings so that only the pages you wish to have indexed are indexed,.. and that the meta titles and canonical references (links) are all setup to suit your personal preferences.

NOTE: An html site map is mainly there for the benefit of visitors but also search engines see those pages so there is some benefit there too,
When you also install an XML site maps plugin as well then you have 2 site maps:
1) for visitors (mainly) (PS Auto Site Map)
2) for search engines (XML map)
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