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Setting Up The Gallery Slider
08-11-2014, 09:13 PM (This post was last modified: 08-11-2014 09:14 PM by Russell H..)
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Setting Up The Gallery Slider
The basic setup and control instructions for the sliding gallery can be found in this thread:

Further to that, there are some other parameters that you can use to create sliding galleries. You can also assign video to display in the sliding gallery featured window (they won't slide as does a basic image gallery but the will display and play within the gallery window area).
N.B. re Video display in the gallery window: To make video display in the gallery window area what you need to do is to use a "custom field" which activates video display and deactivates sliding gallery images.
Do that by creating a custom field (using the page editor) and naming the custom field "video" (all lower case without ""). Then in the "value" field you paste in your video embed code making sure that the width & height settings for the video do not exceed 430px X 320px (in narrow slider mode) or 650px X 320px in wide mode.

IMPORTANT: "wide mode" gallery is achieved by checking the "hide quote rotator" box for the Vortex Page Options on the page that you're using the Featured Panel display).
The "wide mode" gallery will automatically take the gallery images for the gallery slider and resize (expand) them to fit the wider window. This means that any images that you've custom sized to 430px X 320px will be increased and lose some detail around the perimeter. If you wish to have all the detail visible when the wider gallery is activated then you can either edit your images to show all the detail in the image center or you can create a custom image of 650px X 430px which will scale down when in narrow gallery mode... or you can create a second "wider gallery" post category where all your wider images are used in duplicated articles and then called into the gallery via the setting in the Vortex Control Panel. You can play around with this to find the best settings for your site and if you encounter any issues you can post here for further support.

The slide up text panel: You can activate or deactivate the slide up text panel by click the checkbox in the Vortex Control Panel.
You can also choose slide up text panel background color and text color.

Sliding Gallery Images Only (no text): If you want to have a gallery of images only then all you need to do is create a post and give it any name (e.g. image-1) and then create a special category for it such as "imagegallery-1". From there just create more posts for as many images as you want to display and name them (e.g. image-2/3/4/5/6 etc) and also assign them to you new custom named category.
Then from the Vortex Control Panel in the "Featured Panel" tab you simply select the "slider category" as being "imagegallery-1" or whatever you named it.
N.B. You can have the images in the gallery linking to any page either on your site or anywhere on the Internet by installing the "page-links-to" plugin and inserting the URL in the input box below the post editor that says "treat page as normal WP page (default setting) or "A custom URL".
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