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General Plugins Discussion
08-11-2014, 09:38 PM
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General Plugins Discussion
VORTEX is built on the WordPress platform and is always kept compatible with latest WP platform version.

That means that VORTEX can be used with a variety of plugins either from the WP repository or custom (premium) plugins.

Please Note: Due to the enormous variety of scripts and many similarities in the way certain actions are called via jQuery libraries and php code, there will be from time to time some conflicts between themes and plugins one way or the other.
Sometimes these conflicts can be quite simply remedied by the theme and plugin developers and other times they can't (or it's just not practical or cost sensible to do so).
If you encounter a plugin conflict (or if suddenly your page either completely blanks out or data disappears or an error message displays) then you can post the issue here and we'll discuss it and work toward a solution. If its really URGENT you can send us an email at "" and we'll respond accordingly. If you have "Elite Support" membership then you can submit a ticket for direct assistance.

There are several plugins that you should be using as default plugins to enhance your site's performance and for security protection. We'll discuss those options further down the thread but for now let me talk about several plugins that you should consider as your standard default plugins to enhance the functions of VORTEX:

1) Page Links To (page/post redirect link)
2) PS Auto-Site-Maps (html sitemap creator)
3) Tinymce-Advanced (WP page/post editor)
4) Easy-Social (simple Social Media plugin)
5) C-Forms-7 (great forms creator)

The reason that I've recommended the above plugins as basic inclusions is because you'll find them highly useful for EVERY site that you create.

There are a host of other really great and worthwhile plugins that we'll feature further such as SEO, Page Caching, Security, Site Backups, etc., but for the time being I would highly encourage you to install the basic recommendations.
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