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The Vortex Syntax Spinner Editor
08-14-2014, 07:30 PM (This post was last modified: 08-14-2014 09:52 PM by Russell H..)
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The Vortex Syntax Spinner Editor
In every page and post editor you have all the controls to create content for pages and posts.

Localbiz Vortex features a built in spinner which basically is a secondary page/post editor that spins syntaxed text and sends it a spun output to the main default page editor. Once that's done the webmaster decides whether to retain that spin result, or re-spin it or simply edit it and then save it.

The syntax spinning editor panel is found directly under the main default page editor. If you can't see it then all you need to do is to go to the top right of the page and click on the drop down tab for "Screen Options" and check the box for "Syntax Spin Editor" and it will then appear.

You can spin text, images, links and videos with the Spin Editor. We have some videos on these functions which are noted below.

Spinning images and formatted text:

Spinning Videos:

Spinning Multiple Videos

Basically, you will take your syntaxed text for your page or article and then paste it into the Syntax Spin Editor (making sure to paste in using "text" mode). Once done you can add images, video, or links and then copy all of the editor contents (in text mode).

Process: For the first spin only (only required once upon the first spin... thereafter you can just keep clicking "spin now" or set the scheduler) you will copy the entire page of syntaxed text and paste it into the main default WP page editor above so that both the default editor and the spin editor contain exactly the same content. You can (and should) also spin the contents of the page/post title.
Once you've done that you should click "spin now" and you'll see instantly that your page of spun and formatted content has been set in the default editor ready for editing or further spinning and subsequently saving.

Spinning the content (daily, weekly, monthly).
Personally, I just like to spin once,.then edit and fine tune, perform SEO, format page and leave it like that.
But some marketers are saying that there is added SEO value when Google sees you adding new content so therefore a Vortex webmaster could set it up for 7,14,28,30 days so that all the content changes and that includes the title (post title). When Google spiders the site they see this as fresh content and so give the page better ranking and the site marked with a higher relevance or active authority site status.

The choice is yours to use the powerful Localbiz Vortex features as you choose.
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