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Quote Rotator -html Rotator
08-16-2014, 09:48 PM (This post was last modified: 08-16-2014 10:03 PM by Russell H..)
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Quote Rotator -html Rotator
This panel controls the html quote rotator panel on the left side of the featured panel. In fact, its not mandatory to display only testimonials here,- you can display any html text including images and hyperlinks.

NOTE: For content that is longer than the default height of the testimonial box area, scrollbars will appear to allow access to the hidden data.
To remove any quote simply erase the content within the Quote & Author box and replace it with new content, You can save your Quotes to a text file for later use if you wish to temporarily remove them.
Remember to click "Save" when you're done!

The Default Location for the Quote Rotator panel is the left side panel of the Featured Panel Template.
However, you have a choice as to where you make the content for the Quote Rotator display.
For instance, you can leave the current display where it is on the left side panel of the Featured Panel AND also have it show up inside a widget in any of the right sidebars. This means that your site visitors could move away from the home page or page featuring the Featured Panel and yet still be able to see the content from the quote rotator in the sidebar areas.
Quote Rotator displayed in a sidebar widget:
The way to achieve this is super simple. Just open up the widgets pages and drag or send a "text" widget over to the sidebar of your choice. Then inside that text widget simply paste in this short code below:
Quote Rotator displayed in the Featured text Panel:
You can also do the same thing with the "featured text" panel by creating your "text" custom field in the page editor of your page, and in the "value" field just paste the shortcode featured above to make the Quote Rotator contents display in the featured text panel for that page.
Other uses for the Quote Rotator Panel
The name "quote rotator" should really be "html rotator" because you can basically paste in any html content and have it display in rotation within the panel.
That could include images, text, video links or anything else. For example, you could create a "staff profile" with images and links to rotate, or news items, latest tips, recommended products. Its really only limited by your imagination. Tip: you can use the WP/VORTEX page editor to create content and then using the "html view" just copy and paste that data into the quote rotator control panel and click save.
Static Display Instead of Rotating!
If you wanted to have html data to display as a static item you can do that by simply pasting in your html to one panel only and leaving the others blank,.. or you could set the rotation timing to 60 or 180 seconds so that the content appeared static and only rotated when the page was reloaded.
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