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Using a Formbuilder Plugin
08-12-2014, 10:25 PM
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Using a Formbuilder Plugin
VORTEX features a section in the "Featured Sidebar" tab of the Vortex Control Panel which is named "HTML Code For Optin Box". When you paste form code into this box it will result in your form being displayed in the Featured Sidepanel.
You can use standard form code as provided by your autoresponder service (such as Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponsse etc) or you can use any html formcode or even shortcode from a formbuilder plugin such as "Contact Form 7" or your plugin of choice.

Be sure that if you're using a form created in a forms editor within your Autoresponder service that you only use the code that is written between the <form> and </form> tags otherwise you could end up with pages of code and styling code that will conflict with the theme. To stay within the parameters of the styling (dimensions) of the right featured sidepanel, you need to keep the width within 280px or it will not display properly.
You can override the page styling of the VORTEX theme and choose your own form background and border colors but you would need to know what you were doing in terms of editing such form styling when pasting it into the form/html box.

It's far simpler to use a WP plugin and then just pasting in the shortcode for the form that would look something like this:
[contact-form-7 id="98" title="Contact form 1"]

Alternatively you can paste an image of a form into the html box and create a "fancybox" reference so that when the visitor clicks on the form image it will produce the form page inside a fancybox (lightbox) that can be filled. This method allows you to create your form appearance using nothing but graphics and then link that graphic to a form, making sure to create that form page using the "contactform" page template.

Here's an example of an image you could use to display your optin form:
[Image: optin-form-narrow.jpg]

... and then you could create a form using your method of choice or the Contact Form 7 plugin and pasting the plugin short_code into the page,.. and then link the page to the form image and make sure to use the "fancyform" class reference, - here's an example of how that looks:
<a class="fancyform" href="">
<img class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-162" width="251" height="82" src="" title="Submit Form">
IMPORTANT: There are two very important elements to getting this right. It's NOT hard but you need to be diligent about the process or it won't work properly!
1) Create an optin form page (wp-admin/pages/add-new/) and name it what you like (in the example above we called it "contact-form") and be sure to assign the page template "contactform" and then paste in your form code or shortcode and save the page. Copy the URL link for this page
2) You can put the form or image for the form anywhere on your site where it works for you best. In this case we're using the example of pasting this code into the "featured sidebar/html box". If you use the code example above (replacing the page and image source reference to suit your site) then it will work BUT you MUST remember to place the image class "fancyform" before the href for the page otherwise the formpage will not pop out into a fancy box.
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