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Activating The hCard Function
08-13-2014, 09:37 PM
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Activating The hCard Function
The hCard is controlled via the "hCard" tab in the Vortex Control Panel.
Once you fill in the details for the hCard (which you can rename as your choose) then whenever your hCard is called or displayed, your data will show.
The simplest way to display the hCard is in the Footer menu. This is done automatically for you when you use the Base Site Creation Wizard in the Vortex Control Panel.
To create a menu tab for the hCard you would create a custom menu item and in the URL field paste "http://wpseocard-url" You can name the tab anything (hCard, vCard, BizCard or whatever) and that will be the name used in the display or menu item.

There are some other ways that you can use and place the hCard data:

To place the metadata anywhere in the header use the following code:
if (function_exists('wpseocard_meta_print')) wpseocard_meta_print();

To place the WP-Seocard data in the page/post content or text widget use the following code:

To place the WP-Seocard data as popup lightbox window use the following URL in link:
[wpseocard-url] or wpseocard-url or http://wpseocard-url
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