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Making home pages fit all screen sizes?
08-18-2014, 10:13 PM
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Making home pages fit all screen sizes?
One of the downsides of creating an above the fold site (where 100% of page content appears within the browser view without scrolling) is that the home page or featured panel pages will be just right in the average monitor browser (14" to 15"), too big in 10" to 11" and too small with lots of white space below in bigger screens such as some bench-tops and of course 26" and 32" Mac style monitor set ups.

The only way of combating this... which is a good idea, use the "featured panel +content" template and create some content below the fold so to speak. Bearing in mind that the only folks that'll really see the extra content (without scrolling) will be the bigger screen resolution viewers.
Therefore you could place information in there which either is a repeat or overview of the main featured content, or other content that isn't so critical that you need first time visitors to essentially view it.
You can also achieve this objective by placing more content in the "featured text" panel so that the page is extended down further to occupy any white space.

Unfortunately there are no scripts that detect the size and resolution of the site visitor's monitor and thus have it then make an intelligent adjustment. That does happen with mobile but only via the "user-agent=" detection script that tells us when the browser is either iPhone or Samsung or Blackberry or whatever,- in which case the mobile version of the site gets served.

Hope that helps you obtain deeper understanding and more control.
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