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Creating a Sliding Gallery
01-10-2017, 05:16 PM
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Creating a Sliding Gallery
You can create a sliding gallery by selecting posts to appear as your content for the sliding gallery.

The images that will appear in the sliding gallery are determined by the "Featured Image" which you assign to any specific post. N.B. If you don't assign an "Featured Image" then nothing will appear in the sliding gallery.

The Sliding Gallery posts are controlled by nominating a post category so that all posts within that category will be rotated in the Sliding Gallery.
You can create multiple galleries simply by creating multiple post categories which you might name "Slider-1", "Slider-2" etc.

To create gallery slides from pages or that link to pages, just do this:
Example: To create a gallery slide for your "About" page, just create a Post and name it "About" (NB: the permalink path for the post must be identical to the one used for the page, which in this case we'll assume to be "/about".
You can copy and paste the first paragraph of the the About page, over to the Post, and then when your "About" post appears in the sliding gallery, it will look identical to the actual "About" page.
Now here the magic begins because whenever the "About" framed image within the sliding gallery is clicked, it will open up the Page "About".. and NOT the post!
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