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The VORTEX Menu Locations
08-12-2014, 11:42 AM
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The VORTEX Menu Locations
There are two primary VORTEX menu locations:
1) Header Menu
2) Footer Menu
These menus of course determine what is shown in the header and footer menu bars.

When you use the VORTEX Base Site Setup Wizard, these two menus will be set up for you automatically but when you clone and transfer a site or set up a new site from scratch you'll need to set up the menu bars manually.

How to set up menu areas manually:
1. In your admin panel go to Appearance/Menus
2. In the menu control panel you will create 2 new menus and name them "Header" and "Footer"
3. Add the relevant pages you wish to show up in either location to the new menus you have just created and "Save" the menus.
4. Click on the "Manage Locations" tab and assign the menus - "Header" menu is assigned to header area and "Footer" area is assigned to the footer area.
These menus will now display on your site.

* You can add new page and category locations to the menus as you wish.
* You can add custom links as menu items and assign them to menus. For example,.. if you wanted to create a menu tab that took visitors to your facebook page then you would create a custom menu item and name it "Facebook" and note the URL as or whatever your facebook ID is.
This is only suggested as an example of the process and not a recommendation to create such a page but you'll be able to see the potential for creating custom menu tabs and being able to have those tabs lead to anywhere on or off your site.
* There's also a "Title Attribute" field in the menu tab which is where you can put a description of the location,- such as "Click to read our latest articles" if the menu tab is for your "Articles" page.

* Custom Menus: You can create other "Custom Menus" which you can then place in the custom widget areas of VORTEX using the "custom menu" widget. This can be very useful if you've set up a page where you've removed the header menu bar from the display for some reason. Perhaps you want to only have a menu in the right sidebar area which has links to certain pages or locations. You can set up a custom menu by click on the "create a new menu" link in the Menus panel which you may want to name "sidebar-1". Then create your menu and save it.
Now when you use the "custom menu" widget in the sidebar widgets area (wp-admin/appearance/widgets) you'll see your new custom menu "sidebar-1" in the dropdown list of available menus to display in the widget area.
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